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Good old Currys / PC World.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted a 4K UHD blu-ray player, a panasonic DMP-UB700 to be exact. Amazon were out of stock until the week after, but a cursory glance in google brought up Currys / PC World in the serach results for the same price as everywhere else. The Currys one even came with a free UHD disc (the girlie Ghostbusters so nothing to shout about, infact I'm ashamed to say it's in my possession!).

To be fair, the website was easy enough to use and I reserved my player to be picked up from my local store that very afternoon, and off I went to get it.

Once at the store I went and reported in to the customer service desk and the pimpled faced sales yoof brought my purchase out. As you can guess I got the extended warranty speil, told him no home insurance and the card I was paying on had better converage thanks. He stopped right away tyring to seel their crappy insurance to be fair, but then he dropped his big sell!

PFSP: "Do you need a high speed HDMI cable for that Sir?"

Me: "I have a number of HDMI cable at home thanks."

PFSP: "Ah but you'll need one that's high speed and support HDMI spec 2. blah blah and can carry a 4k signal."

*Now at this point I realised he may be actually telling some truth and that I may only have some older 1.4 spec cables in the house.*

Me: "Ah ok, I may need one, what have you got an how much is your cheapest?"

PFSP: "How long do you need the cable to be Sir?"

Me: "2m should do it thanks."

And without a trace of shame, not a blink of an eye or even a pause..

PFSP: "Our cheapest is £154 Sir."

Needless to say I paid for the blu-ray player, didn't take them up on the bargain cable and I I walked out the shop, got on to Amazon 2 hour prime same day deliveryon the phone, and had one of Amazon's own brand basic high speed cables delivered 34 minutes after I walked back through my front door.

The Amazon cable cost me a fiver and works perfectly.

That's where Currys make their money, selling wankpuffin extras to wankpuffin people who are too stupid to know any better.

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