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Currys PC World given a spanking for misleading laptop savings ads


"In a second judgement, Curry's PC World was sanctioned for spreading alarm and distress by offering for sale a 1m HDMI cable for £23.96.

Many complainants said they became upset and disoriented when they spotted the price didn't end in .99 and panicked because they felt they may have wandered into the wrong store or fallen through a wormhole into an alternative universe."

It is quite normal in the retail world for shops to price some items with "unusual" pence figures, as this is a "quick and dirty" way to let store staff know what the deal is on that item:


x.99 = normal price

x.98 = special offer for "y" days

x.97 = end of line - no more once sold out

x.96 = in store promo with supplier with extra commission for store staff


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