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Don't touch that mail! London uni fears '0-day' used to cram network with ransomware

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"Mind you, I would have thought that "Copy of K9b Form assessed by : James Eley-Gaunt" would pretty much flag this as suspicious in most intelligent people's minds. Eggheads my arse."

To be fair, there doesn't appear to be any suggestion that it was actually anything to do with any "eggheads". Indeed, they specifically mention "students and staff", which means this could have been caused by literally any person on campus with an email account, including drunken teenagers and the janitorial staff. That said, the stereotype of the eccentric professor exists with good reason; just because someone is intelligent in some respects doesn't mean they're not a complete idiot in other ways. Given that many academic staff can be quite elderly and in non-technical disciplines, there's no reason to expect them to be any more competent with computers than the general population - if you struggle to explain these kinds of issues to your grandmother, why expect a 70 year old lecturer on Abyssinian pottery to be any different?

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