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Fundamental problem in vulnerable OS protected by AV

If AV is your primary defense against this type of attach, then you've got a problem.

There will always be a lead time between the appearance of this type of attack, and AV systems identifying and blocking it and becoming effective when it is deployed. This will be unlikely to be less than 24 hours, and probably much longer as organizations rarely provide daily AV updates.

It really surprises me that we have not seen more sophisticated malware, with constantly changing content and delivery vectors. I know that AV systems are trying to become heuristic to avoid that type of threat, so they make an attempt to programmatically identify suspicious traffic, but this can lead to false positives.

OS and application writers (of any flavor) should make sure that easily exploited vulnerabilities (like allowing mail attachments to be able to execute code) are either not present (preferably) or patched very quickly, and administrators should make sure that access to data is controlled and segregated to limit the scope of any encryption attack (at this point, running your MUA in a sandbox looks good!).

Whenever I see "Avoid messages with a subject line of..." then it is clear that the malware writers just aren't really trying very hard. Fortunately. Maybe they don't have to because the attack surface is so large.

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