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Issues With Automated Traffic

1) Some country will find a back door and program 150,000 head-on collisions at the start of hostilities.

2) Some script kiddie will not want to go to work/school and will hack the city traffic to cause gridlock

3) Some late for work/soccer practice idiot will buy a 1-time illegal "speed pass code" for $5 (same as a Pepsi) and cause chaos for everyone else as he/she streaks through traffic.

4) Adjusting to ever changing road conditions (degradation, repairs, upgrades, weather, rules and marking changes from one locality to another, etc) will be ginormously challenging.

5) How will liability be assigned for fatal or injurious accidents?

6) If the system doesn't see the speed limit change because a tree limb blocked the camera(s), who pays the ticket?

7) Will some gov't agency have access to your vehicle's information so they can trace your whereabouts in the past or even in real time? Is that a violation of either privacy rights, or self-incrimination protection?

Just some issues to think about...

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