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AC, precisely the same problem as autonomous vehicles will have. How do you trust the sensors ? Pilots who fly by rules instead of evaluating all inputs tend to have more problems. In this case QANTAS pilots who had the same problems months before assessed the instruments as " Power normal cruise, angle of attack indicator normal, no engine anomalies therefore the airspeed must be wrong." and avoided trying to fix a non-existent problem. The less experienced AF aircrew in command seem to have believed one instrument, the airspeed and deep stalled the plane into the Atlantic. For these edge cases, increasing redundant information sources such as GPS would allow invalid inputs to be detected and cut out of control loops. Given how most airlines are entirely computer driven these days aviation automation still has outstanding safety record because unlike individual humans, the aviation industry has for decades had a learning and improvement culture that is still relatively new to consumer technology. The discussion then becomes whether it is computationally and sensor developmentally possible to improve vehicle situational evaluation. Given how the mobile phone industry has developed very light, cheap and accurate sensors I would hesitate to say it cannot be dome for vehicles. Whether enough development has been done is another story.

Sorry about polysyllabic words sounding like market droiding. Currently feeling crook.

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