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What worries me is that a lot of large corporations

are suddenly concerned about traffic congestion and safety as well as the general well-being of the society. It warms my hart to see how technology giants care about us all.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture ? The only reason I see is those corporations have figured a way to extract money (and maybe something more) from you. It's a centralized vacuum pump in search of our wallets. It's all about control, folks!

However, there will be losers:

- luxury car manufacturers: why buy let's say a Porsche that drives itself ?

- insurance companies: why would I pay if it's not my car and I'm not the one driving it ? Maybe Google will do business with one major insurer in every country but the others will have to die.

- marketing boutiques: did anyone see an advertisement for taking a taxi ? All marketing for cars today is based on the pleasure of driving or feeling good behind the wheel. There will be no point in advertising one self-driving car over another since they will all be alike. You don't chose the model and maker of the taxi you called for a ride

- second car dealers: this one is obvious

- repair shops: we will not need that many, again maybe Google will do business with one or two large companies

- taxi drivers: file this one next to second car dealers

- health systems (especially in US): less people to fix, less revenue

Winners are:

- technology companies (big ones)

- those who are not able or willing to drive.

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