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I'm in charge of me

I'm in charge of my life, my choices - good or bad are mine. I live and die by them.

I will not allow a machine to be in charge of something that is life or death for me or others around me.

I've seen plenty of badly written software and until you can demonstrate over a long period that the software is 100% error free then I might change my mind.

Of course, when the inevitable bugs do come out from the edge cases that were never tested by the manufacturer, they need to be liable with big, really big fines, otherwise, its just a different tax to get sales of their latest toys that will have been developed in the normal corporate manner of the least cost to the business with the minimally complaint solution and cheapest components they could source.

Perhaps if you started by taking the finance people out of the loop, put the engineers back in control and doing things right then I might consider it in a couple of decades.

Until then, the answer is no.

Oh and I quite enjoy being in control of my car, its a relaxing past time and its part of what makes me unique - the choice of model, style, colour, what I put in it, how I drive it, where and when I drive it, etc.

I'm not so sure that I'll enjoy cleaning it and polishing it when its jut a computer controlled gadget - just like I don't enjoy cleaning the house or cleaning the dust out of my computer when its getting hot and starts to do odd things. Imagine if a car, built with the same basic lego bricks were to suffer the same sort of problem.

Is anyone else wondering what happens if you put a million cars on the road with different laser and lidar systems on them and they all start receiving each others signals or blinding every other living thing withing a 300 metre radius.

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