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NetApp puts everything it's got into a hyperconverged box

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Anonymous Coward

will be interesting to see how well their server business performs. good luck to them.

i hope it does better than the EVO:RAIL mess they tried years back which was probably the most horrid product launch they ever had...sure lets take HCI and slap a storage array to it...defeating the whole purpose of HCI in the first place....

What they are trying to do is their fabric strategy, a unified SW / management layer across across all their HW and into their Cloud integration and backups. Its a compelling story. I just think they had a couple years of market experience they could have put into this product previously to have a mature offering now. Much like Flash, a lot of catching up to do. Perhaps if they push this like their flash kits, they may also take a lot of market share. Have to hand it to them though, recent years the product releases seem "right". They clearly "drained the swamp" of all the BS they were doing from about 2012-2015. Glad to see its changed

But late to the game is better than pure storage who still seems to think that on premise flash only, primary SAN storage only is the only thing everybody wants.

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