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Swedish school pumps up volume to ease toilet trauma

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In the 1970s my Finno-Swedish girlfriend turned out to be the daughter of a Government minister and CEO of a large company. She invited me to a holiday at their summer cottage on one of the larger islands in the archipelago.

The outside toilet was the common Scandinavian cottage "dry earth" bucket under a hole in the wooden bench. The bench had two holes - and my friend told of her long, long school summer holidays when she and her best friend would gossip for a while while using the toilet.

There was a similar two-seater on a farm in England that my friends were renovating. It had been a working farm until 1970 - with no electricity or mains water/sewerage. When landscaping the garden it was discovered that the bank by the toilet was coal-fire ashes several feet deep - with many Camp coffee bottles in the layers. For years afterwards broken glass would often appear on the surface of the new lawn.

On a one day visit to China in 1993 the tourist group included several USA elderly ladies. On getting off the Pearl River ferry they asked for the "comfort station" and were directed to a building. My girlfriend followed them. She knew what to expect - and later described those ladies' reactions to a row of toilets separated by low walls.

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