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Hmmmm....lot's of focus on "gen 1" HCI. So now that we are onto gen 2 (and some might even say gen 3) iterations of HCI does NetApp HCI still differentiate or provide the benefits you're talking about? So basically you're stating that you occupy the space that sits between smaller HCI deployments (8-nodes or larger) and a large enterprise 3-tier solution like a FlexPod/Vblock, providing enterprise scale and simplicity of HCI.

But wait... doesn't VxRack (and Nutanix for that matter) already provide the same thing (service provide scale, thousands of nodes, millions of IOPs, PBs of capacity, blah, blah)? That was what Chad's article was all about anyway right? And VxRack SDDC supposedly does it natively with VMware. So again just trying to understand what's new/different here. Thanks

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