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So John, if I take out all the fancy buzzwords and boil this down, what I'm hearing is...

1) all the existing HCI solutions have a bunch of "limitations", that are centered around flexibility, scale, and performance

2) hey we've got this new unique thing that let's you scale storage and compute independently with QoS!

3) it's basically a SolidFire storage array + some compute + network...but it's in a new package!

So we are full circle back to 3-tier architecture and all of the limitations/cost/complexity that comes with it.

Maybe you can help us understand architecturally how this is different than a FlexPod? What benefits would NetApp HCI provide over that solution?

And given the very rapid adoption by customers of HCI solutions like Nutanix, Simplivity, VSAN,'re telling us there are no benefits/value prop there, that only NetApp HCI can provide??

Come on're talking yourself in circles

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