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There are something like 250,000 registered charities in the UK, all no doubt doing equally good work for their own good causes. Why people feel the need act like lemmings and continue donating to the same "brand name" charities is beyond me !

The way I see it, "Charity" covers the following groups:

  • Big name charities that lots of people donate to, and which raise money for good causes

    (sub-classifiable based on the ratio of income to directors' salaries)

  • Less well-known charities, supported by a smaller number of people, which raise money for good causes

    (again, sub-classifiable as per the above)

  • Organisations who wangle charitable status for themselves, so that they can avoid tax and/up bump up their income at HMRC's expense, but who only seek to raise money for themselves. The private schools example quoted above is a good example of such

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