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To give you an example from one of the brands, Oxfam (and they're not the worst I've seen, but they are (slightly) more "transparent" than most in their enumeration of senior troughing).

Here's a few examples of what they admit publicly in their most recent accounts in relation to "higher-paid staff" :

"Termination costs amounted to £1.4m (2014/15: £2.4m)"

"Oxfam pays towards the cost of education for up to three children where suitable free schooling is not available"

"Allowances also cover the additional cost of living in very expensive countries"

" The earnings for the group and charitable company of key management personnel, which are considered to be the Leadership Team (including the CEO), for 2015/16 were £822,216"

"Directly incurred expenses of the Chief Executive in 2015/16 were £18,657. The most significant element of the Trustees’ and Chief Executive’s expenses is the cost of visits to overseas programmes, in respect of flights and accommodation"

They have :

23 people earning £60–69k

6 people earning £70–79k

2 people earning £80–89k

4 people earning £90–99k

1 person earning £100–109k

1 person earning £110–119k

1 person earning £120–129k

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