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dev or admin?

If admin, then yes, still the CTOs fault for the docs and the lack of working backups. Most of you seem to be answering from the viewpoint that he was an admin, just questioning the context and procedures, but assuming he would have business on that db later on.

If dev... WTF is a dev supposed to be doing with live root passwords to the prod db? Most places don't, and shouldn't, give even system specialists devs (like me) access to the live db, figuring that any interaction should take place through admin-run scripts and/or the product SMEs. I find that sometimes that's a bit overkill and it's nice to have access to support troubleshooting. But I specifically ask for read-only access - no way to screw things up (well, except for mis-written 5M row Cartesian Joins). And none of this justifies root.

That's a system management fail, task segregation fail, people fail and a security fail by writing down those credentials in a disseminated document, all in 1.

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