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How is NetApp HCI Superior to Nutanix / VxRail ?

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Theres a lot of stuff in NetApp HCI that goes well beyond what you'd find in Nutanix or VxRail, but one of the most obvious is that unlike either of those solutions NetApp HCI is designed from the ground up to run at DataCenter and Service Provider scale rather than being implemented as an edge / point deployment solution (land) with hopes that it can grow without too much pain (expand).

The majority of first generation HCI solutions end up as point solutions (e.g. VDI) that rarely go higher than 8 nodes. For many, the uncertainty around safely mixing workloads on a single cluster, due to latency and throughput variability in the scale-out storage underpinnings means that each workload gets its own cluster. This either leads to inefficiencies in management and utilisation, or long troubleshooting exercises when applications are affected by "noisy neighbours". NetApp HCI is built on SolidFire technology which was designed for mixed workloads at datacenter / service provider scale. The ability to safely consolidate hundreds of disparate workloads types on a single extremely scalable cluster significantly reduces administration and operational costs. This has been a design / architecture strength of Solidfire from the beginning, and NetApp HCI inherits that. All of this means you're getting enterprise levels of reliability, serviceability, performance and scale in the 1.0 release .. and this is just the beginning.

There a lot more to it than just enterprise class reliability, serviceability, performance and scale though, there is also the worlds best file services infrastructure and integration into a multi-cloud data management platform, so If you're interested in an in independent architectural framework that helps you do a fair comparison between NetApp HCI and the rest of the solutions on the market, check out the following link.

Or get in contact with NetApp and ask to get a briefing from one of the Next Generation Datacenter team.


John Martin

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