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You are spot on...

You need to separate prod from dev and not allow dev access to prod.

So while the Reg asks who should be fired ... there are several people involved.

1) CTO / CIO for not managing the infrastructure properly because there was no wall between dev and prod.

2) The author and owner of the doc. You should never have actual passwords, system names, etc in a written doc that gets distributed around the company. The manager too should also get a talking...

3) The developer himself.

Sure he's new to the job, however he should have been experienced enough to not to cookbook the instructions and should have made sure that they were correct. He was the one who actually did the damage.

As to getting legal involved.... if this happened in the US... it wouldn't go anywhere. As an employee, he's covered and the worst they could do was fire him. If he were a contractor... he could get sued.

We know this wasn't Scotland or the UK. (Across country? Edinburgh to Glasgow ... 40 min drive. )

I do have some sympathy for the guy... however, he should have known to ask questions if things weren't clear in the instructions.

He should chalk this up to a life lesson and be glad that his mistake didn't cost someone their life.

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