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1976,us a group of A level mixed tech students in Kent being taught the very basics of computing,invited to go see a big all floor mainframe just up the road(litetaly) from college,shown around for an hour or two with brief descriptions of what each chunk of hardware was doing,then left alone for a few minutes,nobody at all except us 12 students in computer room,someone decides to tap a bit of nonsense on a keyboard,nothing obvious happens,fella comes back,finishes tour with a thank you and maybe he will see us in a few years as employees,we all say cheers and bye,walk back to college,an hour later,paniced tutors pull all us visitors out of various lectures and gather us in common room,to tell us that the mainframe we just visited appears to have died and did any of us touch anything,everyone shakes heads vigorously,deny everything,find out next morning that entire data system is gone,and we have probably just bankrupted a major American oil/mineral exploration analysis company used by lots of smaller companies !! oops..

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