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Anyone can make a single button/selection error. I did it while doing office work for an accountant. Went way too deep for my pay grade and qualifications, thought I was in to type up letters, and got asked to input accounting data in the main accounting software database.

I was asked to type data into A. Smith's account. I puzzlingly asked why there were two instances of their details (perhaps one personal, one business but we had separate software for each)... I think I was told something along the lines of deleting the wrong one. But after being asked to leave one day... I realised it was because they were trying to get around the software customer limit (50 or so) by duplicating details between packages, putting extra business records on the personal system.

Yeah, my fault for deleting it, but really, asking me to navigate a GUI with instructions from across the room to go to "accounts:customer" when I accidentally clicked "customer:accounts" (Yes, the GUI had that kind of duplicated and ambiguous layout) was just the start of the misunderstandings.

I should have put my hands up and said "nope, I don't know how to use computers, can you do it for me". ;)

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