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First-day-on-the-job dev: I accidentally nuked production database, was instantly fired


So.... there is no data security, if the production credentials are in a dev guide...

So.... there are no backups of production data...

So.... they let a junior developer who is totally new to their system set up it up on their own...

We all mess up once in a while. That is why we do things in such a way that its really damn hard to do things like this, without knowing what you are doing.

Sure at my company I can connect to our production system, and in theory could wipe it, if I wanted to. It would have to be very very deliberate. If it did happen, we have several layers of backup we can fall back on to. Fortunately it has never happened.

If something like this can happen so easily by accident, it is not the junior developers fault, it is the CTO for not ensuring that the systems are built with consideration for such things.

Hopefully the CTO gets fired. He deserves it. I'd like to say the junior dev could file for wrongful dismissal, but try explaining the above to a judge who has no idea how to computer. It'd be a waste of everyones time.

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