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"The issue is with the docs."

Absolutely. Firstly, who wrote the documentation and thought it was ok to include the production password?

If it was a technical author, they could be excused for assuming it was not a real production password. In which case, who gave them it? This password should be handed out on a needs only basis.

If it was one of the developers, what kind of moron are they? Even if they they have received no training at all on basic security, you'd have to be an idiot to think it was ok to record a real password in clear text on documentation.

Secondly, what are the production details doing on a document used to set up a dev environment anyway? A dev, particularly a novice one, shouldn't be anywhere near production, simply because they have no need to be.

In fact, fire everyone. The whole affair suggests rampant sloppy practice everywhere. The fact their backup restores failed just confirms that.

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