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You mean..

The restoration approach has limitations. If the file is in an "important" folder (eg, Desktop and Documents)

You mean there's somewhere to store data other than on my desktop? WOW! Who would've known! (thinks back to friends having lots of stuff, in one case near 200Gb of stuff stored on their desktop, who wonder why their machine b..o..o..t..s........s..o..o..o..o..o.......s..l..o..w..l..y..)

Thanks again MS. Due to your "wonderful" practices of trying to force people to keep stuff in only MS approved locations (and no where else!) you made it easier for the malware writers to target people (though that said, properly written stuff would've left a certain block of files alone, and properly overwritten the rest).

WC is not the first one I've known of that fails to properly delete files, but "at least" they made the effort to overwrite stuff in certain common folders.

(and before any one asks, my "documents" folder contains : a number of things created by WINE or similar to keep some windows stuff happy (no idea which), a couple of files I made in 2014 and a graphic I did for someone else a month ago, no idea why I saved it there instead of in its proper place, most of my "valuable" data is on a second disk, with special folders backed up to Owncloud (with plenty of spare space on the server for "versioning" so even if hit, I could recover older versions).

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