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How about driver problems?

I remember when Win10 was first released to x86, and for at least 1 year after its release (maybe still the case for some?) there was a chance that your drivers could randomly stop working due to faulty updates. Some people lost the use of their webcams, others couldn't use network cards, and the most unlucky were treated to BSODs. But my personal favorite was the one time my company's Hyper-V cluster went hard down, simply because a "security" update was mislabeled and actually included a driver update for DFS, which caused the cluster storage to become inaccessible.

Sorry but Microsoft has a horrible history with drivers, and they can't even make a stable stack for x86.

At least with Linux you can pick a computer with open source driver support, and it's near guaranteed to work on all major distributions. And if you have a device or peripheral that worked on an x86 Linux PC, it's probably going to work fine in ARM as well.

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