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I was, perhaps, unclear. The scheme I stated is what I do already do. My point, (see title) is why Microsoft set the file system to do this on a normal set-up. There may well be a good reason for this on some systems - having each of several users' documents being called " my documents" for them might serve a purpose that being named for them might not ( like if the users are replaced but the computer log-in stays with the role rather than the person, I guess). But for most users having a clearly located folder, with their own individual name/role is perfectly reasonable, surely. And of course I don't use 'em and know I don't need to. But then this is The Register and we tend to know these things. It gets a little bit more complicated when a computer is shared in a home or small office and one person asks another where the named document or the important picture is, is told that it was saved in "My documents" or "my photos" and can't find it, because in their log-in it isn't the same "my documents" etc.

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