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According to a news article (, these ARM-powered machines will: (1) have motherboards about 30% smaller than those in Intel-powered machines (due to the Snapdragon 835 being a system on a chip), so manufacturers can make smaller/slimmer devices or fit more components into a device; (2) have about 50% better battery life than comparable Intel-powered machines (because apparently "the Snapdragon 835 only draws around 3 to 5 watts") and "should last four- to five-times longer on standby."; and (3) "should perform at roughly the same level as laptops with Core m3 or fan-less implementations of Core i5". Whether or not such hype pans out in reality is anyone's guess.

I'm assuming that the Snapdragon 835 will be considerably cheaper than an Intel CPU, so this *might* result in cheaper laptops. But then again, it might just result in higher profitability for the laptop manufacturers.

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