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Sons of IoT: Bikers hack Jeeps in auto theft spree

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I say they did a fair job and a novel process. And nothing of value was lost! These are just shitty Jeeps, not the real Willy's Jeeps of old, just crappy SUVs barely suitable for a family outing, much less climbing hilly terrain. If you want a good off-road vehicle, get an old Toyota Land Cruiser, or a proper Indian(? or is that just the Jags?) built Range Rover, but not the Sport, or that Evomitch. Those are city SUVs, and strictly for the ladies.

Novel? Duplicating keys with dealer doesn't sound particularly novel to me.

Wrangler is pretty much descedanct of Willys/CJ-7 as it has evolved around the years. Sure they had some models without lockers that never should've been sold. Unless you got crap version without lockers, its fairly capable off-road vehicle. Saying it is no good for hilly terrain is at odds with Wrangler setting Guinnes world record in 2007 while climbing Ojos del Salado. (linky)

No objection to your opinion on old Land Cruisers or Land Rovers, or RR Sport or Evoque (horrible thing that is).

As for Range Rover, I'd rather take Jeep Grand Cherokee to go off-road with.

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