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German court says 'Nein' on Facebook profile access request

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"Facebook needs to die a fiery death."

Although I'm no fan of Facebook myself there's hardly enough information in the article to put the blame fully on Facebook.

For example: was she living with her parents or had she left the house already? This could make for a huge difference in the whole situation. Second of all: if she did live with her parents and all then isn't it safe to assume that the parents also gained control over the girls tech? So how hard would it be to try and get a password reset and gain access that way (I'm sure they'd also had access to her e-mail and cellphones)?

The way I see it they started with contacting Facebook, so how exactly would Facebook determine everything was legit here? For all we know the girl could also have been trying to get away from her parents mind you. And giving them access like this could then open up Pandora's box to them.

I'm not saying that this is the case, but with these things you need to rule out every possible scenario, including the nasty ones.

Thing is: if something were to happen to me then I'm pretty sure my parents will know exactly where to look for my password collection. They wouldn't need to contact website owners, all they had to do is use my passwords.

Why didn't that happen here as well?

As such my comment: there's hardly enough information provided to automatically put the blame on Facebook.

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