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Eh? ultrasonic cleaner?

More like steam clean it off with a diesel pressure washer. If theyre feeling particulary sensitive they might use detergent too, then feed them back into the supply chain as used but guaranteed, or even "recon" if theyre good enough to pass muster as such. Maybe some oppo will be dispatched with a aerosol to make them shiny looking again once the grime is steamed off. Steam cleaners are quite good at removing stuff, I once accidentally removed the paint off a week done painted car door using one.

Who on earth buys used axles and parts? people that don't want to pay 3k upwards for a replacement.

So break that down a bit, axles 1-2k apiece, driveshafts, transmission + transfer box a few k too, steering system, complete engine, ems with keys programmed to it, interior sets, roll bar, springs, panels, radiators etc. The 30k figure is quite plausible.

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