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If you tried to build a car from its parts catalogue, it would cost you several times the cost of the new vehicle from the dealer. So, dont use the sticker price of a Jeep to estimate the resale value of its parts.

The price charged by manufacturers for replacement parts actually subsidies the price of the new car, because the price of a new bumper or headlight is often paid for by an insurer and thus not considered by a prospective car buyer on the forecourt. One you've bought a car, you're tied to one supplier of parts, much like printers and ink cartridges (okay, okay, I know that by law in the UK car manufacturers can't discriminate against owners who have 3rd party parts fitted by independent garages, but whilst several people make replacement coil springs or starter motors for my car, it is likely that only the original car manufacturer makes suitable headlights or bumpers, due to tooling costs)

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