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Google can't spare 113 seconds of revenue to compile data on its gender pay gap

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"Oh P. Lee, you sound lovely, really lovely. I bet the women are flocking to spend time in your company."

"Personal attacks just make your argument look weak."

Oh Adam, Adam, Adam, something about you makes me thing I don't care what you think of my compliment of P. Lee. He implied women who work don't care about their families. Did you have a little word with him as well? No, strange that, wonder why. Men of course love their families no matter what they do because they are...MEN!

And as for the rest of your rationalisation of why it's okay to pay part-time workers less per hour than full time workers, good luck with that. You're in denial, particularly if you cannot accept women don't climb career ladders to the same height as men. But, still, I'm sure it's lovely in your little (presumably women-free) bubble.

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