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"Oh P. Lee, you sound lovely, really lovely. I bet the women are flocking to spend time in your company."

Personal attacks just make your argument look weak.

"Why should a part-time job earn less per hour than a full time job"

Employment entails fixed costs; training, HR, recruitment and per-seat software licences, for example. That makes part-time workers more expensive.

Pay rates, where there are pay scales, assume a level of competency that comes with experience and averaged out over a standard period, for example when you pay a 2nd year worker more than a 1st year. A part-time worker will inevitably be less experienced, everything else being equal, and that will cap total career earnings dramatically.

"Women often don't climb the career ladders to the same height as men"

Any evidence of that? Evidence that doesn't extrapolate over two generations and assume social attitudes remain unchanged for the whole period and excludes external influences.

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