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Much-hyped Ara Blackphone LeEco Essential handset introduced

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It's squarish, blackish, round corners, metal sides, shiny, 2 cameras. Pretty much like every other phone. Pretty much the only differentiator these days is the price.

I've not noticed people getting nearly so excited about phones for a long time now. I don't think the majority really give a shit any more. They have the flavour they like and they have a budget. It doesn't really matter too much what they look like since most people put them in a case anyway.

Might as well have a glossy launch for the 2017 'Brick' - This one is new, 5gr lighter, now with 2 holes not three. Kiln baked at 514C to provide a smooth glazed inner surface, improved mortar adhesion; register to receive your 2017 pre-release Brick before everyone else.

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