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Why, Android powers the world's smartphones, and if you buy the right one, you get a very high quality product, with timely security updates, and decent support.

If you pay peanuts however, you get less, often much less.

The key thing here is CHOICE.

It's your CHOICE if you want to buy a Samsung with their overly excessive UI changes, and dump you after 18 months in terms of updates.

It's your CHOICE if you buy a cheapie Android phone and throw it in the bin every 12 months and buy the latest with the latest OS.

it's your CHOICE if you buy a top end Pixel or Google nexus and get security updates every month.

It's your CHOICE if you buy a Sony Xperia with it's superb low light camera and waterproof design.

The point here, is there are options to suit everyone. Android isn't one thing. You have instantly failed by assuming it is. There are Android devices that are superior to anything Apple have to offer, there are Android devices that suck. There are Android devices that sit somewhere in the middle, and offer great bang for buck.

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