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No,no,no,no,NO! You aren't getting it!

It's the fembots that will get objectified. Real women will now be able to rest in an objectification-free world of whatever they do when not "submitting" to male advances.

In the new world of the no-guilt ready-for-action 24x7 "around the world in 80 ways" fembot, only perverts will prefer sex for fun with women.

And who said the fun will only be for hetero men anyway? Once the basics are worked out it should be eminently possible to fit out a Boytoy Bot who is hung like a horse and can go all night without farting, belching, sweating or falling asleep, brings flowers and likes long romantic talks afterward.

There is no downside to The Rise Of The Sexbot. Once they are a reality, western sex lives can normalize properly instead of being roiled in centuries of religious counter-programming and internet-induced false norms.

Actually there is a downside. I imagine the sex-worker industry will be caught up in a paradigm-shift maelstrom just like everyone else has been in the last thirty years. However, spin-off industries will arise in that field just as they have in every other, post-maelstrom.

Mine's the Cherry 2000 with the shiny, man-made textile clothing. Don't tell the missus (yet).

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