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So how it works

W.C. Cogswell, a self identified binary man, who owns Cogswell Cogs, makes a million dollars a year.

there are 10 women who make 100K

there are 20 men who make 80K

Average female pay for those 10 women: 100K.

Average male pay for all 21 men in the company: 123K

(rounded for simplicity)


"Oh look! Men make nearly 25% more than women!" or the Jezebel headline: "Women at Cogswell Cogs are forced to work more than an extra whole workday to make as much as men!"

common sense tells you the men are not making more. But averages, well, can tell a different "truth" and be accurate, yet incorrect. So we filter.

but we removed critical information didn't we? removing what we determine to be "outliers" actually drastically changes things. Especially when there are enough "outliers". We often get critical and "drill down" into the female statistic, but unless we do the same for both, well, we are once again borderline cherrypicking.

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