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Google can't spare 113 seconds of revenue to compile data on its gender pay gap

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Oh P. Lee, you sound lovely, really lovely. I bet the women are flocking to spend time in your company.

a) I'd take a bet that almost all women care about their families and whether they work or not does not affect that. Men with families to care for mainly go to work - are you...suggesting they don't care for their families? Women go to work for many reasons - because they want to, enjoy work, want to help support their families, the same sort of reasons as men.

b) while I think that is true, it shouldn't be. Why should a part-time job earn less per hour than a full time job when the nature of the job is the same? Part-time employees (and a growing number of these are now men, so you may want to start showing a little more concern about this) are no less committed to the time they spend at work then full-time employees.

c) Women often don't climb the career ladders to the same height as men, whether they take career breaks or not.

Why so defensive about getting a pay analysis done? It can benefit everyone if the stats are more transparent, men and women. Celebrate the opportunity instead of trying to hush us up.

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