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Is it really so bad if men earn more then women?

Against my better judgement and advice, my organisation has sometimes hired the occasional programmeresse - and here's what happens: Where as my developer dudes turn up on time in the same cargo pants, grey-white Ts and sneakers, the lady typists turn up - always late - in something different every day, purchased from those $8-for-a-skirt online purveyors of sweatshop tat. Every day, something frickin' different. They spend around 80% of the day on Instagram looking at photos of their equally vacuous friends and the other 20% gossiping about who said what to who and why. The only things these chicks know is employment law, so you can't even get rid of them for being crap. All you can hope for is pregnancy. And the dudes, they do all the work, until one of them gets busy with a female colleague, and the productivity goes to sh*t. Sorry, but women aren't suited to working, they waste all their money on handbags, clothes and lipstick, they drink coloured crap with umbrellas in, and they know nothing except empty phrases they pick up online, so why should we pay them as much as men? They get all they need from men anyhow.

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