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Most people, especially those from the supposed "masters of the universe" class, would not be able to spot that. Grammar and usage apparently don't get taught in business schools these days, or, judging from the performance of the last two business school educated Presidents, for the last few decades at least.

On the substance: shouldn't really be a surprise if it turns out the people behind this were Chinese speakers. I mean, after all, it's not like all dark web government contractors are from the Americas and Eastern Europe. It would make sense for the three-letter agencies who have been funding the hacker-for-hire industry recruited from Asia, undoubtedly in an effort to contain costs.

All of this stuff seems so familiar:during the Cold War the US outsourced military operations against the Soviets to the Mujahideen. In the new "cyber" war the three-letters outsourced "cyber" operations to a constellation of well-connected Beltway firms that employed ex-government executives to maintain those connections. The fact that government itself has little or no organic capability to perform those operations is no accident. First of all, it would be an awful waste to have to use up finite job openings that could go to patrons, their families or business associates by employing people with actual technical skills that few in the aforementioned groups are likely to have, and, second, spending on in house resources competes with the gravy train of contracts that is the whole point of "right-sized" government.

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