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'Do not tell Elon': Ex-SpaceX man claims firm cut corners on NASA part tests


A tale from the Enron days (but giant military-industrial complexes move slowly).

A captive subcontractor for Lockheed made its ethics program *very* clear. Lowly engineers will be told to produce or else, and treated accordingly. Don't expect an explicit "we expect you to forge documents", how to pass qualifications is up to you, but you might not get the schedule/budget to do it on the up and up. The entire program was made to shove the fall guy as far down the chain as possible. Finally: once you leave the program, the company might be interested in access cards and laptops you might have, but you *better* fork over that ethics handbook. They *really* didn't want that thing falling into the wrong hands.

Pass all complaints to the ethics officer. Whose only obvious qualification involved sleeping with the boss (married, but apparently they started during his previous marriage. Oh and she handled the security clearances as well).

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