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'Do not tell Elon': Ex-SpaceX man claims firm cut corners on NASA part tests



The question though was there a procedure and was it being followed? If I am building a rocket that will be carrying humans or 100's of million dollars worth equipment, having every part tested is not a bad procedure and it will cost money and time, deal with it! If that same part was in a $300 quad copter for my kid, I don't think we need to test every part.

Look at this industry, quality counts and if you dont' think so consider the following. How much money was spent on the premature failure of the ODM box on the ISS after only a few months in space this week. Look at the recent issues with the Proton using "questionable" parts. Or look at the lack of testing on a previously used helium tank on a certain rocket manufacturer. There is a reason to test, test, test and follow procedures and then test again. I agree you can not test in quality, but it helps and now that SpaceX is in high volume production, quality control and verification is key to their success.

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