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UK ministers to push anti-encryption laws after election

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Mate, you're on a loser with common sense like that.

This place is full of people more concerned about the feelings of the "community" where terrorism is allowed to thrive then the feelings of the 22 sets of parents and families burying their dead after the wake of Manchester.

Look at Andy Burnham, saying "nothing to do with Islam", despite all the evidence contrary. He's more concerned about getting their votes than young children being shredded with shrapnel because they follow a religion borne from bloodshed.

The narrative that "islam is peaceful" when it was started by a murderous slave owning paedophile to raise an army to conquer Mecca is fucking disgraceful. Maybe you Guardian readers should read an actual history books for once in your life, rather than listen to propaganda of the Marxist echo chamber who are using Islam to destroy the idea of the nation state so they can seize control. Maybe if you read enough history, you'd realise this isn't nonsense talk. But alas, you're doomed to repeat the same mistakes that history should have taught you.

Of course you're not allowed to speak about historical facts like that. They couldn't call it Blasphemy as that would be too fucking obvious, instead they pretend it's "racism", or "Islamaphobia".

It's tragic when you're more concerned with not insulting a made up God rather than protecting innocent children from being slaughtered in the name of that made up God.

If you wan to protect the terrorists, I challenge you to explain to the grieving families from Manchester exactly why they should listen to sanctimonious twat virtue signal their moral fucking superiority.

Good luck with that.

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