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"These kind of things happen so frequently that you can't help but think that they do plan for these"negative" outcomes. No such thing as bad publicity...

I don't use Twitter, so I'd likely have never heard about it otherwise"

Indeed. Except that there actually is such a thing as bad publicity, which is why things like this are clever. Particularly badly done or offensive marketing can actually be bad publicity, but with something like this the company can simply note that they didn't do anything offensive themselves; they simply allowed fans to interact with them in an innocent manner, and are as horrified as anyone else that it was hijacked by jerks. They therefore come out smelling of roses, while a shitty Twitter campaign that most people would never have heard of is now front page on the BBC.

The same goes for things like the saga of Boaty McBoatface, which some people seem to be suggesting that marketers should have learned from. Maybe they should, but I don't think it's the lesson they're thinking of - Boaty gained the NERC and its ship a ton of publicity that it would never have otherwise had, and when it came to naming it they just said "No, we're not doing that" and picked one they actually liked. Yes, marketers absolutely did learn from that - you can use the trolls who think they're screwing with you to produce cheap, consequence free marketing. Opening things to the public lets you pick and choose bits you like while allowing you to to disown anything that generates complaints because you're not the ones who actually made it, all the while benefiting from the publicity said complaints generate.

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