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Replying late as I seem to be getting The Register many hours after publication.

As I type this Gianforte has already been declared the winner.

Something that seems to be missing from the report here is that the reporter was trespassing at the point when the alleged assault took place. Please not the use of the word alleged. Under US Law Mr. Gianforte is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, a court where ~all~ of the facts, including the place and circumstances, will be weighed and examined before a judgement is rendered.

Some other things to be cognizant of, in the US, The Guardian is generally viewed as a tabloid publication. This Guardian reporter has a "history" with respect to Mr. Gianforte, in that this isn't the first time he has pushed the boundaries of acceptable behaviour [even for reporters] in an attempt to get a story related to this campaign.

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