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UK ministers to push anti-encryption laws after election

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So when the inevitable happens and they make encrypted messaging apps illegal, this is what someone should do:

Write a simple unencrypted messaging app. Something like IRC, but with much better support for phones and other modern devices than IRC clients typically have. Such a thing is clearly legal.

Provide it with a plugin API which lets you write extensions for it in, say, JavaScript or (better) Python, with an embedded JS/Python interpreter & runtime. This is already done by several apps (I have at least a couple) and is clearly both legal and satisfies the various App Store limitations. It should be possible to install these plugins from uncontrolled locations or write your own: again, this is already done by several apps and is clearly just fine.

Sit back and wait. Oh, look, someone has written a plugin which supports end-to-end encryption over the app's connections, how odd, no-one could have predicted such a thing, right?

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