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too bad people are still dumb enough to believe that "health insurance == health care".

paying backroom deals to "insure" millions of people that cannot actually get services they need is not helping anyone except the insurance industry. the same industry that it was politically correct to hate on for good reasons until a certain Party and its allies wanted them seen as heroes.

Now that "10 thousand dollar toilet seat" is billed thru government managed (ha!) insurance instead of a military contract. Except the Media made damned sure we knew about and that the hammer was delivered and if anything ever failed on that hammer. the overchargings of government managed (gets funnier every time I hear it!) insurance well, almost dead silence.

Even funnier is listening to almost all the same Protestors STILL claiming they had no coverage over the last year or so, demanding FURTHER government managed (snicker!) and funded programs to do all the things they claimed support for ACA was going to fix. Because it was painfully obvious that insurance wasn't care.

What is needed is CARE. But politically, NOBODY is actually working on that.

But back on topic, punching a reporter is dumb. the best thing to do is simply convince him that talking bad about a certain Party will end in a "suicide" or convenient murder in a back alley, or failing that, spew any embarassing details about his life, made up or not, and destroy his career.

Because people seem to believe That Which Is Not Reported Does Not Exist. Even when they personally experience otherwise.

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