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But I can assure you that it's not what happens in the "real" world.

In 1977,aged 17, I had my first approach from our spooks wanting to recruit me because i had/have abilities that they would have loved to be able to use,I said no,and repeated saying no for the next THIETY + years,40 YEARS later,I am still under watch/monitored,they have no evidence that I have ever attempted or planned to use those abilities for my own or other people's agendas in any shape or form.the spooks etc have interfered in my life for 40 years,they have made some very strange decisions in those years..I have no proof that they have screwed my life up in revenge for daring to say no,but I guarentee,you would not like to live my life as it is now.

I suspect lots,but can never prove very much,if any of their illegal activities or use of influence against me..

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