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UK ministers to push anti-encryption laws after election

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People with good memories may see some disclosure here. It can't be helped - this matter is too important to leave lying on the floor as it will continue to be revived by the both clueless and the deceptive. Can't locate my login right now, but my name is clearly in the article.

As I said in multiple articles, we have already seen the consequences of weak crypto, or backdoors into the mechanisms that are supposed to protect us - as a matter of fact, one of these examples is even still raging around the world as we speak. So, let me repeat myself from just one of the publications*:

WannaCry is a government backdoor case study

As irony would have it, we now have a near perfect case study of what would happen if government mandated backdoors were to become law and criminals subsequently gained access to it. Current events demonstrate with precision the risk security professionals warn against:

1 - The NSA developed such a backdoor (generously funded by the US tax payer);

2 - There are so many people working for such an agency with different political views and motivations that leaking was all but inevitable;

3 - Once leaked, it provided a handy framework for criminals to tack on some malware.

And presto, pandemonium ensued. At the time of writing, the problem has reached 150+ countries and in the UK it knocked healthcare for six**.

It is also worth noting that this particular backdoor was kept at what one would assume to be the best protected government facility in the country, and it still leaked.

QED, methinks..

Peter Houppermans

* I just realised I sinned against my standard of avoiding expressions that only have meaning in certain regions. For those who do not understand cricket, "knocking for six" is best explained here. My apologies :).

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