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Huawei Honor 8 Pro: Makes iPhone 7 Plus look a bit crap

Martin an gof Silver badge

And the sim-free price of the phone does not necessarily translate pro-rata to the contract monthly prices, it does depend on how the phone is promoted and how the networks want to sell it.

Which was precisely my point. And since the readership of El Reg is unsurprisingly comprised of Register Readers, it makes perfect sense to frame a review in terms useful to them (to us) rather than terms useful to Joe Bloggs or Jane Bland next door.

By knowing the baseline price of the phone it is easier to make a judgement about how much value is offered by that phone when compared with others on an equal basis, and if a contract is being considered it's also easier to understand how the cost of the phone fits in to that.

It might be worth phone reviews having a paragraph along the lines of "this phone is also available on contract for £n at $phone_company_a over y years, or £m at $phone_company_b over z years, but that means research, not simply reiterating the marketing blurb :-)


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