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Dear Companies, your on hold system is a dual edged sword.

I don't mind much if you need to put me on hold to go check with your supervisor, look up something in a database or help system, as it means you can assist me better & try to resolve whatever issue about which I've called.

What I mind is the repeated claims that I should keep holding because my call is important (bullshit - if it were then you would have answered it already) or that I could do all this via your website (bullshit - the fact that it's not accessible is why I'm forced to call you in the first place).

Every time your on hold system insults my intelligence or pisses me off I increment the counter by +1.

What counter?

The likelihood that I'll instead decide to use this call to cancel my account & take my business elsewhere.

I've had companies leave me on hold so long that the counter has surpassed 100 & thus *guaranteed* that I'd be killing my account, & then they act surprised that I'm "less than pleasant" on the phone?

You did it to yourself by telling me every x seconds for TWO BLOODY HOURS that my call was important to you & that it would be answered shortly.

Do you REALLY think ANYONE would be pleasant to you after that amount of bullshit?

Because if you did then you deserve to be taken out & shot.

I've got work to do, just like you do, and I can't get mine done until YOU get yours done, so wasting my time while you blow smoke up my ass is an AWESOME way to piss me off enough to vote with my wallet.

You piss off your customers, we'll vote with our wallets, and we won't be YOUR customers any more.

*Gives TheFinger with both hands after getting off the phone*

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