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BT: "Come Talk to me" by Peter Gabriel

Battersea Dogs Home: "Dogs" by Pink Floyd.

Fisher-Price Toys: "Radioactive Toy" by Porcupine Tree

Google: "Off the Map" by Porcupine Tree

The UK Government: "The Vultures Fly High" by Renaissance.

Papworth Cardiac Hospital: "Closer to the Heart" - Rush.

Every politician everywhere: "O cho mealt" - Runrig[1]

SpaceX: "Falling for Forever" - Spock's Beard

[1] "Ach chuala sinn mu dheireadh thall, Na briagan's na faclan falamh, O cho meallt is a tha an saoghal" - "But all we heard at the end of the day, Were lies and empty words, There is much deception in the world".

One of the few Runrig song to not have the English translation included in the sleeve notes. Largely because it would have got them sued by their former wannabe record company..

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